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Macy Warner

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Macy Warner is a Singer/Songwriter and artist from Colorado. Her writing is brutally vulnerable, and when combined with her sultry voice and the depth of her Baritone Ukulele, creates a mesmerizing performance. 

Macy is currently a student at Colorado State University. 


She hopes to continue creating music, and help others through her artistic 

authenticity, and empathy.




Loveland, CO



Indie, Alternative, Singer/Songwriter


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Macy Warner Music / Plot Line Records

New Music Coming 2023

Macy is currently working with Plot Line Records and Jesse Sanders on her third EP, consisting of 7 new songs that the artists has written within the past year. The album will be recorded with acoustic guitar as the main instrument, for the first time in all of her releases. 

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"This new album is deeply personal, and has been very theraputic for me to share.  Creating and recording these songs has been apart of my grieving process, allowing me to sing all of the things I can't say." 

"Its DIY production enhances Wilt & Temper’s minimalist aesthetic. The style is reminiscent of early Devendra Banhart, with brooding songs soaked in natural reverb and a faint hiss that adds to the lo-fi nature. Also, the songs were recorded in one take, making the album feel intimate."- Divide and Conquer, (Wilt & Temper Album Review) 2020

Plot Line Records founder and owner Jesse Sanders says on, 

"Macy Warner's second LP, 'Wilt & Temper', is both a dissipating wave and the start of a new tide. Recorded in the same space her debut album was, familiar

tensions meet new revisions as mature themes of loss, abandonment, apathy + empathy, & transparency make their way into the ocean sound of the new record. The album starts with an acceptance of inevitable rain and ends with an acceptance of emotionally chosen static: 'Wilt & Temper', is available as a digital download & hopefully vinyl in the future." - Jesse Sanders, (Timberline).







"Macy is a brilliant singer-songwriter," said Brian Schuetz, owner of LoCo Coffee Company.

"She's one of those rare people that have the knack for songwriting and the gift to be able to share with the audience what they felt when they wrote the song. It's just real." - (Loveland Reporter Herald, NOV. 2017 EDITION)

"Her songs are very authentic, brutally honest and very passionate. ...

Her voice is just powerful. She just starts singing and you shut up and start listening." -

(Jesse Sanders, Loveland Reporter Herald November edition, 2017)


In October of 2020, Macy was selected as a finalist in a brand new virtual music showcase and competition, "Sonic Spotlight", put on by Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, 1005.5 The Colorado Sound, and Bohemian Foundation. Macy is apart of the 8 artists, all under 22 years of age, who are learning about the music industry, and competing with their original music. On November 19th, 105.5 The Colorado Sound will broadcast these 8 artists original songs that they have been working to create.


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  Past Venues/ Festivals Played Include:

  • -Bohemian Nights New West Fest, Fort Collins, CO 2019

  • -FoCo MX, Fort Collins, CO 2019

  • -The Music District, Fort Collins, CO 2019

  • -The Artery, Fort Collins, CO 2017/2018

  • -Pastels on 5th, Loveland, CO 2018/2019

  • -Drive and Jive, Fort Collins, CO 2020

  • -SoFar Sounds Denver, CO 2019/2020

"Angeline" has been awarded, "Best Original Song by a Female Songwriter"


Macy Won 1st place at Team Wellness and Prevention's "Simply Talented Competition", in March of 2019. 


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